Bechamel Sauce / White Sauce / Cheese Sauce

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Bechamel Sauce / White Sauce / Cheese Sauce              Bechamel Sauce / White sauce /Cheese sauce is the basic sauce recipe from Italian cuisine for vegetables or pasta and it taste yum with most recipes. To make more rich you add heavy cream in place of milk. Sharing this Kids friendly recipe to this week blogging marathon under the ‘how to cook- Basic liquids’ theme.. Total time: 20 ~ 25 minutes Preparation time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 15 ~ 20 minutes Yield: 600ml / 20 fl oz Source: Videojug  INGREDIENTS: 115g / 4oz  White cheddar cheese 600ml / 2 cups milk 20 g / 1.5 oz butter 40g / 1.5 oz all purpose flour Salt and Pepper to taste Cilantro / parsley for garnishing Method: Bechamel Sauce / White Sauce / Cheese Sauce Heat butter in a heavy bottom pan on low heat. Add flour to butter and mix continuously with out burning the mixture. Add milk at frequent interval and stir continuously and do the same for the rest of the milk. Reduce the heat and whisk for 5 minutes until it becomes a thick smooth sauce. Add the cheese to this smooth sauce and Stir. Add Salt and pepper to the sauce and whisk for 4 ~ 5 minutes until everything combined. Serve immediately or else sauce will dry out soon.. Bechamel Sauce / White Sauce / Cheese Sauce SERVING OPTION: Best served with fresh cauliflower or broccoli. For Pasta, Cook pasta as per package instruction. Drain and transfer to the prepared sauce or transfer the cooked pasta to serving plate and top it with the prepared sauce. Garnish with cilantro.. Bechamel Sauce / White Sauce / Cheese Sauce

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