Smoked / Roasted Garlic

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This week Blogging Marathon, I have selected Smoked dishes theme. Generally   Garlic is roasted on the smoker over wood chips, and put the garlic bulbs on grills instead of wrapping them up or putting them in a covered dish (which would of course prevent the smoke from getting at them.)

               This smoking can be done in two ways, HOT and COLD method . Today I am going to share Hot method, where garlic is roasted at 160 to 180 F / 70 to 80 C ,with oil and salt and end up basically with soft roasted garlic.
For cold smoke (up to 160 F / 70 C), they will cook, smoke and dry. No oil is used. The cloves will reduce to half their size. You can store these homemade smoked, dried garlic cloves in a cool, dry place for up to 3 weeks. Note that smoking garlic is mostly a flavour enhancing technique, not a long-term preservation method.  (Courtesy : Cooksinfo)

Garlic cloves as needed
½ ~ 1 tsp olive oil for each garlic cloves
¼ tsp sea salt


Cut the end of the garlic  and arrange it in muffin tray.
Drop ½ tsp of olive oil in each garlic and sprinkle sea salt  over it.
On the GOSM BB with cherry wood, smoke it for 2.5 hours or till done.
Remove and allow it to cool for a while. Peel the skin and Ready to use.

For Freezing:

Firm the peeled garlic by lying them on the cookie sheet in the freezer for an hour.
Remove the frozen garlic and store it in the ziploc. Vacuum seal it and freeze it again.
Best if used with in a week and thaw completely before using..

Note: Can be done in convectional oven but it will miss the smoky flavor but  retain the its own flavor..

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